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Thank you for your accessing to our website. When you would like to book our experience program, please, write on application form as follows.
We will answer you the result of the reservation within 5 days by e-mail. If auto answer mail doesn’t reach you, please call us.

With marked fields must be filled out.

STEP 01 Please enter the program which you would like to reserve.

The day when you would like to take part in the program.

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e-mail address “for confirmation”
Please set your personal computer or smart phone to be able to receive the domain as follows.
Payment method
We use Coiney’s “Coiney page” which is credit card agency, for your credit card payment by visa or mastercard.
We will send URL for payment, please access that page and complete the payment.
Please use address which is able to receive mail from personal computer.
Smart phone is available too, but be careful to reception setting.
If you set reception setting to refuse the mail from personal computer, or set any reception setting, please set domain “”.
Only one-time payment is available.
In a reservation Do you agree with preclearance matters which has been written in “Way of application and payment, Correspondence of the day” in information of the program?
Additional your message:
please write question, or what you want to know.

STEP 03 Please answer questionnaire as follows

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Terms & Conditions

●Cancellation fee
Cancellation fee are caused as follows.
20% of program fee:
When you cancel your reservation 4days to 14days before that day.
30% of program fee:
When you cancel your reservation 3days to 2 days before that day.
50% of program fee:
When you cancel your reservation in the day before that day.
100% of program fee:
When you cancel your reservation in that day or without any information of cancellation
●Liability for damage
We pay certain compensation money by liability insurance about the damage that a visitor received from the body, life by our intention or fault during program enforcement. But we do not pay the compensation money when the damage depends on the intention of the visitor, drunk driving, risky driving, illness, and so on.
During program enforcement, when you meet in trouble or get hurt, if it is not reason by any other's responsible, you will have to pay much money for medical bills and traffic. We recommend you apply for insurance of travel which we deal with.
●Privacy policy
We use information which you give us, for keeping contact during program enforcement, for reservation of program, for making statistical data and so on. We never use it by other reason except for above.

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